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Upon making a booking, you, the client, are agreeing to purchase a package and the below conditions. The responsibility is on you, the client, to read and enquire about any products/services/conditions

before making a booking to ensure you understand what you are agreeing to.

The entire booking fee is to be paid upon booking/reserving the date & time of the photo shoot session. Cancellation/rescheduling/proceeding is at the discretion of Sakura Photography WA
should it be unpaid upon making the booking.

Sakura Photography WA offers a limit of rescheduling twice with no fee.
If, for whatever reason this is surpassed, the shoot is cancelled, null & void,
and the booking fee is non-refundable. 
A third rescheduling is at the discretion of Sakura Photography WA,
for extraordinary circumstances, however a "Third-time rescheduling fee" applies
which is equal to the amount of 50% of the original booking fee. 

Should you, the client, wish to cancel a shoot, only 50% of the booking fee is refundable. 

Refunds are at the discretion of Sakura Photography WA.

The responsibility is on you, the client, to read the details of the package you are purchasing/hiring,
and understanding what you are entitled to as a part of said package/hire
and what are deemed "additional services/products" which incur additional fees. 
Any additional editing required which includes work such as (but not limited to)
liquifying, transformation, air brushing, skin correction, double chins, wrinkle removal,
removing a person entirely etc etc are charged at a rate of $99/hour
(Not per photo as each photo is different thus has different requirements of time necessary).

Please understand this kind of editing is an art which takes years of experience 
to reach a certain level of expertise and is very time consuming. 

Please ensure you compile a list of editing tasks you wish to have performed on specified images

and enquire about an estimated amount of time needed to complete said tasks. 

Please bear in mind, the amount of time is only an estimate, it may vary, 
and you will be invoiced according to actual time taken, not time estimated. 
Additional editing is itemised and invoiced separately via Paypal.

The responsibility is on you, the client, to report any impeding illness/exposure to illness ASAP
to Sakura Photography WA to discuss immediate rescheduling.
Health and safety are important for all parties concerned, especially newborns.
Also please note Sakura Photography WA and staff keep up to date with vaccinations.
Sakura Photography WA reserve the right to refuse service to a client/participants
if they are not vaccinated or in good health. 

Sakura Photography WA reserves the right to use any and all images taken for any business needs
as deemed necessary by Sakura Photography WA, this includes marketing.
In Australia, the law states the copyright is reserved to the creator/artist
ie. Sakura Photography WA for the current legislation in Australia,
you can find here https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2019C00042

Sakura Photography WA offers a grace period of 30 days from the date of a photo shoot session
for the client to download, back up and purchase any additional products from their Gallery and Store.
After 30 days, Sakura Photography WA reserves the right to expire, archive and/or delete
any and all image data taken. Sakura Photography WA may hold images for longer for a client
that intends to purchase after the grace period, this is at Sakura Photography WA's discretion.
Please ensure you contact with a date of intended purchase ASAP.
If you do not meet agreed upon date, all aforementioned photo data will be deleted.


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