My favourite Brazilian babe turned 2 recently and I'm literally eating corn bread 🌽 🍞 as I write this and reminiscing.

(Thanks for the recipe Lucas! Doug has nailed it! ) To think Thais found me through Gumtree (nearly 3yrs ago) and we met at Crawley house boat shed, Pregnant at the time with little Valentina. It was crazy we had never met but as soon as Thais saw me on the foot path, from her passenger seat she was waving and smiling!

I'm losing count of how many times I have photographed this lovely family, and cried over their gorgeous photos, or left a photo shoot covered in Glitter or cuddles.

Thais found her inspiration from the holy grail... PINTEREST! And anything from her first birthday that could translate to the watermelon theme was re used, which totally made me nostalgic, but its always an A++ for effort and thoughtfulness with Sugar free and GF options with the cake being 100% vegan friendly too! I mean its never a surprise that the food is always top notch as Lucas is a chef! So this beautiful buffet was cleared out over the course of brunch, of course Thais always send us home with food, not that we have a choice but we definitely don't complain. :P

One thing that is too adorable not to mention is Valentina's best friend Zoe. Going through all the photos had me giggling so much you can see why "Zoe" is one of Valentina's most spoken words, these two are inseparable and will literally call out for each other often and 'help' each other down the slides. ^.^

This beautiful family has beautiful friends to match, and there were certainly naps to be had after this brunch full of celebrations, lots of laughter and friends catching up in between chasing the cheeky children. And we certainly captured it fully with a whopping 400 odd images making the final cut, although with Doug photographing more this upped the number big time, he's got quite the eye. Go Soon to be husband wife, dynamic duo. ^.^

This family is stuck with us for life, we just love them too much to let them go, so you will be seeing more of this bunch over the years. Cheers to friendship! Felicidades! xx

-Beth Alison xx





( I mean look at it..... nom nom nom )

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