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P O S T P A R T U M // Body Empowerment

Here at Sakura we understand what it’s like to not really feel like yourself after giving birth. Beth and I both had difficult pregnancies which have also left physical marks on our bodies. These scars serve as a reminder that we possess physical and emotional strength. They are a reminder than in the darkest nights we were able to pull through and see the glorious sun light of a brand new day.

We were able to create life!

I want to celebrate my scars everyday. I don’t cover them up. My eldest daughter asked me one evening what my scars are from. I told her they’re from growing herself and baby sister and are marks of beauty. She now remarks at how beautiful my silvery scars are. I hope I am teaching my daughters by example to embrace their own bodies and be kind to themselves.

I’ve been approached by women who say they’d love to do a boudoir shoot but are worried they don’t have the right figure or are embarrassed by their scars. I’m here to tell you that boudoir is for everyone! The only requirement is that you have a body! It’s a great way to celebrate the brilliance that is you and get in touch with your more sensual side. It’s empowering and liberating. It’s time to embrace life and fill your self love cup!


Starr x


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