Baby Spa Day

Today we enjoyed a lovely spa day for Charlie, we have heard such great things about BabySpa in Subiaco and many others may have caught them featured on tv and countless media outlets around the world regardless of this we just had to take our little girl to get her float on since she loves a bath and being Australians ourselves getting baby used to the water early is essential. This really is the best precursor to swimming lessons and doesn't our little water baby look so cute! (*and yes were so bias I know :P )

You can read all over their website the amazing benefits from digestive relief to encouraging emotional and cognitive development. Hydrotherapy is great for circulation, building muscular and skeletal strength gently in the water and not to forget the benefits it has on building baby's co-ordination, with amazing facilitators you can feel positive they have baby's safety, relaxation and fun as priority.

The atmosphere is that of any Day Spa, with herbal teas and relaxing music and being around other parents and babies itself has a calming affect too, watching babies communicate with each other while floating around and smiling is a total bonus. one of the best things is they have special pods in another room for babies who aren't immunised yet so no lil babies have to miss out.

Not only are the staff extremely welcoming and helpful, BabySpa offers a great range of products, carefully curated and very stylish they boast a range of organic cleaning products to bpa/pvc/phthalate free teethers and toys.I couldn't help myself and bought a Zoe Sage 5-in-1 Multi-use ORGANIC Mama Cover, Milk and Nourish Lactation Cookies (macadamia ftw) and some re-washable breast pads because disposable ones are freaking irritating! I could go on about how amazing this place is but the only way to truly convey the wonder is by going there yourself, your newborn will love it and I can say Doug and myself enjoyed watching little Charlie being weightless and swishing her way around the pod, It was also handy having her weighed while we were there and celebrating her weight gain with a big feed after her massage, in the nursing room.

This is in no way a sponsored post but a passionate and enthusiastic client review, we loved our time at Baby Spa Perth and very much look forward to our next session for little Charlie even now as I write this post, Charlie is in her bassinet having the most restful sleep, good timing too as she has just started sleeping for 7-8 hours at night but still wriggles around and makes her restless little squeaks, who knew babies were such loud sleepers. Charlie definitely competes with Doug's snoring but it wasn't such a fight to get her to sleep, no rocking or bouncing forever or even a long winded conversation of squeak's and coo's just a big feed, a burp and off to la la land for our little one. Look at these two new parents.. they couldn't be prouder <3 - Beth Alison xx

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