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Wow, Feels like yesterday I had finally crossed the finish line and made it officially to maternity leave. Doug knows I was definitely at the end of my tether exhausted after a hard pregnancy and weddings to finish editing and deliver. I made it with 4 days to spare. Since running Sakura Photography full time as of 3 years ago I haven't had such a lengthy break and able to count on one hand how many times I had picked up my camera in the last few months, at least for any longer than 10 minutes. The last break I had was my honeymoon! Worth it though, I struggle sometimes remembering I am actually a person with out my camera, my identity is so enmeshed with my career. Back to the story though, after suffering SPD throughout my pregnancy, more commonly referred to as "Pelvic Girdle Pain"and in reality it felt like my pelvis was splitting down the middle because my body was trying to "relax" >.< Super super painful to say the least, walking was a struggle, getting up to pee a million times was excruciating and it wore me down emotionally as I like to think I am a pretty independent person, oh boy being pregnant took that wind out of my sails.

On the 28th of April 2018, A cool Saturday morning I headed off to my physiotherapy appointment to adjust my hips, my midwife insisted I return for one more adjustment with my dude date just a under a week away. A physical adjustment and some dry needling done and I was on my way out the door but as we headed back to reception to sort out payment I was all of sudden feeling breathless, I left Doug at the reception and got fresh air while I waited for Doug at the car for us to head back home. We stayed close to home in the weeks leading up to our due date. I pretty much laid in bed every chance i got slowly pushing the TENS machine up higher and higher (it's great pain management yo!) That day I chose to lay on the couch mostly because I didn't make it far enough. Doug decided to go off and do the food shop solo while I stayed home and rested my poor preggo self. hit and my contractions started. It's funny that when people tell you "Don't worry you will know" they're telling the truth, I just knew this was it despite having been in early labour for two weeks already. 10 minutes later my waters started leaking and then my contractions were finally consistent at 10 minutes apart. By we called the hospital. Random side note, Doug had to go back to the store, turns out he bought off chicken , he had to go back and get a refund while I was in the shower. Considering we were likely having baby he would be better off getting it done immediately plus I thought being a FTM it would be a long journey to the finish line.

Once he returned we both enjoyed some toast while making sure I had our bags packed. Lucky we literally live the street right behind the hospital. People joked for a long time that we’d end up walking there. We still drove. We get to hospital at 11.30am and checked in then confirmed broken waters and mucus plug shed completely. The hours literally started flying by. Doug and I were just chatting and breathing through contractions as the midwife came in intervals getting us checked in and sorted before we moved to the labour room. 2 cm dilated contractions were really intense and right on top of each other and the anaesthetist was already there for another lady so epidural was on its way. ( THANK GOD! kudos to those unmedicated mama's ) Finally got the Epidural at 3 pm intense contractions leading up to it, it’s not common to have it so early as I was still at 2cm and from the antenatal classes they suggested that an epidural would be the last thing they would offer, I was expecting to work my way up to it even though I was very open to “getting the good drugs” I’m so glad I did because I calmed right down and I wanted to be relaxed as humanly possible and go with the flow, which is exactly what I did.

I relaxed a little too much though as labour had stalled but I was happy and time was flying by. As I was having a BP check the nurse caught the epi catheter on her pocket and it detached from the gate. Not hard it literally just slipped out as it wasn’t secured well enough. So they removed it, gave me a shot of antibiotics and called the anaesthetist back to give me another epi. I wish I could relive that heavenly 4 hours. By the time the anaesthetist got back at 7.30pm I could feel my contractions again. I’m actually so suprised I sat so well through two epidurals as that’s what I was so afraid of leading up to the birth as I hate needles. As I had stalled once the epi was in (and firmly secured) they hooked me up on Syntocinon at 8pm and I was officially at 3 cm at this time. Next check at 9.30pm I had dilated to 9 cms and hubby and I were just like woah that flew by except the fact that the second epidural only covered the left side of my body and I could feel it all on the right even though I’d turned over, by the time I was in labour I stopped trying to top her up as it was manageable pain. Doug and I were so focused on each other he was such an amazing support. We had vetoed anyone else being there as I’d read so many horror stories leading up to the birth (thank you baby bumps and JUSTNOMIL 💕🙌🏻) nobody knew we were in the hospital let alone in labour. I highly recommend it to anyone with anxiety. The midwife was just about to finish her shift and was doing hand over which was sad because she was so funny and pulled the piss out of us and kept us in bright spirits the whole time, she handed over to another wonderful midwife and we had a little sleep as she said we’d have an hour to dilate and another hour to descend. Well by 10.50pm we were told it’s time to start pushing. In my mind I thought this could take a while too judging by what I’d read. I thought labour would be this extremely painful event, something I had been anxious about but by the time came, I was quiet, smiling and really efficient with pushing, mostly cause I could actually feel my contraction to push with, it felt like pushing a baseball out though 5 contractions with three pushes on each one 16 minutes later our baby girl arrived. Charlie Anne Waddell Born 23.06pm , 28th April 2018 Apgar 9 & 9 Weight 3kgs 015grams (6.6lbs) Length 50cm Head diameter 32cm

With only 2nd degree tear, and the doctor though lovely was only there for two minutes. (Poor woman next door was screaming for hours and was having a real hard time) I waited to be stitch for about and hour and a half. Fine by me cause as soon as Charlie arrived I was wrapped up in our baby bubble so our midwife basically delivered her. Doug and I locked eyes after she came out like omg she’s here and he so beautifully burst into tears and we kissed then she was put straight on my chest

We were doing delayed cord clamping but we’re so suprised how quickly the cord stopped pulsing it was minutes later Doug cut the cord. She cried out the most adorable cry as we cuddled. We were going to do a whole wait 4 hours before we tell anyone but we were so loved up we called MIL straight away and just let her hear her cry’s I had been non stop smiling at this point but as soon as mil said omg she’s here! I just burst into tears 😭 it finally hit me. Over the next hour in stirrups we called the immediate family and let them know. Charlie had already started breast feeding so we were just in a blissful state. I am so lucky the Hospital was fantastic, The midwives were beyond amazing and supportive. These past 10 weeks have been the most amazing and transformative times and now I truly understand why people say Births are the most amazing experience. Soon I will be adding fresh 48's to our service list so if you are a soon to be Mumma wanting to document your journey feel free to email us I am very excited for this and you can guarantee I will cry every time with tears of joy <3

-Beth Alison Proud New Mumma

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