Jessica & Aaron

The dream team! These two lovers have been nothing but an absolute dream from the second we met them. Doug and I invited Jess and Aaron out for dinner to talk all things wedding photography and we could tell from the first 30 seconds, yep! these two are going to be stuck with us forever. CLICK!

When you can talk about farting comfortably and hilariously on the first meeting it's safe to say that Jess and Aaron were comfortable in our presence which regardless of how easy going Doug and I are, we will essentially be staring at you on one of the most important days of your lives and that itself can be rather intimidating.

Having that click factor is integral in the couples we decide to document so that we get amazing shots like these, full of fun and laughter and 100% authentic. We guide with posing to a point but when our couples just zone into each other the magic happens and more often than not were laughing behind the camera too at the antics, silly faces and little jokes passed back and forth between lovers.

We started our session of with a couple of relaxation/dutch courage drinks at Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle as Jess said they were both feeling a little nervous, [not that it showed what so ever ] and caught up on the happenings in the last couple of months. Jess finishing her studies, Aaron clueing in to our pregnancy announcement, some vendor mishaps and lapping up those quality Sunday Sesh vibes that Little Creatures is famous for. It was even more special when both Aaron and Jess told us one of their first official dates was at Little Creatures and it's funny to see how far they have come now with the wedding creeping up fast! February could not come soon enough! After a couple drinks we headed out for photos and fun walking through the streets of Fremantle that is currently painted in vivid colours and patterns all over the buildings through Notre Dame and made our way to the sheds on slip street. I love this location as its full of light and interesting industrial textures it is obvious why its a favourite photo spot for many Perth photographers with very few cars to dodge and nice and quiet for two "nervous" models :P

It wasn't long before the sun started creeping towards sunset and we headed of to catch it at Coogee beach but not before stopping to get some roadies first :P Making with 20 minutes of sun left we jumped straight into the next set of shots and it was nerve wracking as we wanted to finish off IN THE WATER and the water was freezing cold. I almost feel bad for Jess and Aaron but looking at the shots It was 100% worth it and also hilarious me preggo waddling on the sand. Doug and Aaron talked all things bucks nights and Aaron was pulling of his best GQ posing, swooping his woman into his arms, I think things warmed up real quick after that!

I wish we could do this day again and again but then I realise February is not that far and we have next level shots planned as Jess has given me a sneak peak of her wedding dress and the location for their private portraits with the bridal party. I can't wait to meet all of Jess and Aaron's nearest and dearest although turns out we have a couple mutual friends and am familiar with one of Jessica's bridesmaid which always makes wrangling the troops 1000x times easier especially when you know if they have a loud voice :P Even better the location of Bride and Groom and mere houses away from each other and their wedding reception being hosted at Jessica's mumma's house and I have just adored the progress pics of getting the place ready for the big day. I hope I can handle the heat with my preggo waddle on but lucky I will have extra hands on to make sure I don't miss one single shot and I am super excited for the challenge. Essentially I know it will be a breeze with these two babes! Seriously model material!!!

I CANT WAIT!!! <3 -Beth Alison xx

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