Marriage and BABY!

Hey Friends! I realise it has been some time since a blog post! It’s been a whirlwind since July of this year when Doug and I decided to move our wedding to November 11th of this year.

What we didn’t expect was a little surprise a month later, as it turns out Doug and I fell pregnant and discovered late August we will be welcoming our first baby Waddell in May 2018!

It came as a very big surprise but oh my did our hearts grow to the idea of another housemate pretty quickly.

I was overcome with overwhelm (and morning sickness!!) pretty much straight away as we confirmed with our doctor and our first scan said yep! 6 weeks along.

This was crazy timing! Doug and I were shooting a wedding shortly after and boy that morning sickness had a hold on me but lucky we told our bride and groom over dinner that week and were met with joy and excitement, I mean they’re practically family anyway and man did we smash that wedding with pride! 💕

(love you N&S!!)

With this discovery though it came with some other realisations, some things will have to change, my work hours will have to accomodate for how tired I have been getting which was really REALLY HARD to accept as most of you know this business.. my job.. my PASSION it's been my whole life for the last 10 years and having to share that with our little newcomer has been a tough concept to accept albeit ultimately an easy and right decision to make. So I'm hitting the office a little later now (12pm daily) and I am fast asleep or at least in bed by 10pm every night! So enquiry returns are a little slower but returned at appropriate times instead of what ever time they come through. Having boundaries like this have already made a vast improvement in my workflow because I have energy during the day to combat my growing photo queue :P Let's face it, when your growing a baby there is never enough hours in the day.

Maternity leave will likely begin in April 2018 but should I need to start that a little earlier all our wonderful clients will be informed. I have already received so many wishes of love and congratulations and quite a few 'finally!' messages and they are all welcomed and adored so thank you again my wonderful Sakura friends and family it means the world to us. The advice and support we have already received has calmed the anxieties and given us confidence to nail this parenthood thing and we know should we ever need it our village is right behind us. Just now I have little kicks from our little one and its crazy to think we are almost half way to meeting them earth side. Little baby you are already so loved. xx -Beth Alison feel free to comment the best advice you were given before your first baby below or on facebook. xx

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