Updated: Apr 8, 2019

One month until Nyita and her lover Steven marry at the magical Fairbridge!

I am so spoilt to get to shoot here, I feel like a woman with a tab at the cheesecake shop.... mmm cake

So we headed up early Sunday morning, We being, Nyita (Bride), Shinene (Mother of the Bride) and Bridget (Aunty) and myself to heritage town Fairbridge probably about 15/20 minutes from serpentine/jarrahdale to Fairbridge's Open Day and got to have a browse of the dining hall all dressed and styled, the historical chapel and some of the cool houses and accommodation!

Behind the chapel is visions of rolling hills and horses and traditional farm life plus your kangaroos of course. The sounds you hear immediately are birds and wind flowing through the trees. Wattle is in bloom and the yellow and green is twinkling I can't wait to see the dappled light at sunset that would cast across the town. Nyita says it reminds her of the motherland of Christchurch, New Zealand and she is spot on. The green foliage and fields are everywhere you look, Winter and Spring most certainly dress the town beautifully.

<3 this is going to be fun! and 100% unplugged too! hello the dreamiest ceremony ever. I think Doug has officially seen me lose my cool over this location, sighing saying "yes Beth, you already told me" ^.^ It's mostly "eeeks" and "awwwwwwmagosh" and " SO-XCITED!!!" Doug's on Groomsmen solo for the morning as I will be photographing the bridesmaids, and trying not to drink champagne too early, I am working after all but I mean thank goodness we are staying the night. I've known this bunch most of my life, I can already tell its going to get rowdy. There's going to be some awkward dancing and out of tune singing for sure! The most magical part of it all is that it's the 23rd (my lucky number, and hands down most booked out wedding date.) I'm sure you will all hear me talking about this wedding a lot in the coming months. Sorry Not Sorry ^.^

- Beth Alison xx

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