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We take way too long between catch ups but when we do it barely feels like time has even passed we whirl that camera have a dance and a laugh, if we were a cartoon it would be spongebob and patrick. I'm glad I forced her to get new head shots cause we needed to update her portfolio before her upcoming trip to NY. I kind of felt like an entirely new photographer since our last photoshoot pre me finding and falling in love with lifestyle photography and Carla is one of those blessed people with natural beauty inside and out so the two visions married perfectly with all natural light. Oh! Carla's first time in the newly painted studio too so I was a little excited about that.

I recently purchased some new presets from the Tribe Archipelago bunch, these being LXCN 01 from memory, and I think they look very clean and the perfect precursor to fashion week in NY. I am so jealous and I want to hide in your suitcase, but i'm claustrophobic so I wont... sigh * v.v Maybe I should start advertising myself as a personal tourist photographer, oh wait I... I have totally done that before ^.^ bookings now open. haha! We only spent an hour shooting I mean after all I am a bit trigger happy, I just don't want to miss a thing like these gorgeous snaps. I don't even mind if i have to do a silly dance or pretend were mermaids to get us there

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As much fun as it is to stare at Carla's gorgeous portraits, I have to finish painting the house, so this will be me waiting for Carla to update her instagram in the following weeks <3

-Beth Alison

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