Winter Warm Up

This weather is perfect for blogging and editing, a hot chocolate wouldn't be turned away either ^.^ Unfortunately I am trying my best to abstain from any unnatural sugars and carbs right now, Doug and I are changing up our lifestyles a bit with exercise twice a day and so much salad I should hate it by now but it's just so fresh and light I look forward to things that once seemed arduous, losing inches is totally a bonus.

Getting sick was definitely a big inspiration too, I took the last 3 weeks off from actively photographing to shake this cough and concentrated on back end work and feel like I have caught up for once. It's not hard to gain creative momentum but making sure I go back, tying everything up neatly from file management to archiving procedures is integral to a fast work flow, so doing a quick fb post doesn't take me an hour just to pick a photo, export and upload to accompany and then write a couple of sentences. o.0 It's awesome to be booking photoshoots on a clean slate of a calendar, nobody in queue, right before photographing Nyita and Steven's Wedding. We had a meeting on the weekend to tie up some loose ends in regards to timeline which was made so simple by SHOOTFLOW, our special software to keep us organised, we got back to getting excited over Nyita's dress and our upcoming tour of Fairbridge together, with the big day next month the excitement is bubbling big time! I will be sure to share our visit on the blog in no time!

if the next month could just fly by, I'd be totally cool with that ;) -Beth Alison

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