Kayden // Cake Smash

So many winter babes turning 1 this year and this human is one of my favourite people.

I remember talking to Rebecca on the day of her baby shower, how excited she was about the cake smash photos.

My obvious remark was

"well wait till the babies born first hey?" 😂

We like cake is it obvious?

Kayden unsure at first but when the taste of the buttercream panged and tanged he could not stop smiling, also cause he was allowed to destroy it... questioning mum with a gaze several times.

It is crazy to see how much Kayden has transformed in such a short time, I think this is our 3rd photo shoot? 4 including his maternity portraits ^.^ His quirky sense of humour includes hiding things in the sub woofer, coke bottles and cans and Giggle and Hoot. I find it hilrious that even though we were photographing cake smash portraits, Kayden had way more fun with the clean up, splashing away and I mean... "WHO DOESN'T LOVE BUBBLES?!" I can't wait till this little man can talk and also till he is 18 and I can say, "I remember when you were just this little, I have proof!"

// click for full gallery // - Beth Alison xx


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