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So this week has been interesting.

I don't even think I have blogged about my mentoring services before so I may as well start now.

Em Crewe, a mentee (and friend) and I ended up designing a logo over web conference, Em got to watch it all live action by sharing our screens too so it cut out a lot of back and forth via email which can often leave clients feeling misheard and like their ideas aren't translating appropriately or even how they envision remotely.

With Em having both a photography and film background, we looked to design a logo that represented more than one thing, the aperture ring looks like softboxes, a framed picture and also reflects her shooting style with the wide aperture ring. The aperture ring also looks like leaves or petals giving a homage to Em's Nature and Landscape photography something she is clearly passionate about.

After a follow up revision session with Em's logo, (Seriously web conferencing and screen sharing certainly gets things done way faster than email.) We ended up taking Em's logo to the next level! To the point we like it in any colour.

Including some original elements from our previous version this still encompassing every part of Em's talents. We both hunted the wide web for this specific font too I'm so happy we found it.

Watching this studio grow is a privilege and I can't wait to see how Em builds her business and her portfolio because what I have seen thus far has blown me away 🌸🌿💕

Mentoring other photographers and digital artists has taught me things about myself I had no idea existed and how healing it would be to hear other people experiencing things I may have also experienced whether at the start of my career 10 years ago (10yrs holy shit) or even as recent as last week, like when a album arrived the wrong size. 😡😭

A soundboard and also a "learn from my mistakes" chat often alleviated the anguish of the 'I fucked up' voice that plays on loop in times of happy failures.

Finding other friends in my field didn't make me feel like I had to compete but mentoring freed me from the constant comparison and the loud, internal negative self-criticism.

I found more challenges and felt more consistently inspired and creatively charged.

Most of all I found my voice and a whole lot of confidence.

I feel like mentoring will become a long time beloved part of Sakura Photography's purpose and services because it feels so rewarding to help people.

Mentoring appointments are available on the Book Online page for anyone interested with a free consult to get you started.

Thanks for reading friends. 💋

-Beth Alison



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