Bridal Portraits: Day of the Wedding

3 things you can do to make your bridal portraits look amazing! Prepping your house/room for bridal portraits on your wedding day

Clean and Clear The night before, that most couples will spend apart, it's a good time to keep yourself occupied and clear any cluttered surfaces and put random things away. You will earn big brownie points by finding a table for your make up artist to lay out their kit, it will make their use of time more efficient instead of searching for 'that' brush or dropping things on the floor. (Bunnings $40) Keep in mind, your makeup artist is going to want a lot of natural light so if you can park them right next somewhere that isn't in the middle of everything and is well lit with as much natural light as possible. Try not have too much clothes, decor and cluttered bed sides, even if you have to tuck things into drawers for finding later especially jewellery this can create random highlights if we open up the curtains to get all the available light possible, by all means lay out your bridal jewellery and that is our next point.

Set the Scene Display your jewellery, perfume and sentimental pieces ready for photos! You will love looking back on those photos years later maybe when your handing your jewellery down to your children or just a more accurate telling of your special day. This will be a lovely gift and not only that your saving your photographer time and we are always pinching every spare second we can find :) My favourite part about this is having the bride get ready, they look to their outfit with even more excitement seeing it all laid out for them to slip into. Feeling like a princess in 3.. 2.. 1

Fresh Sheets & Bedding This will add the ultimate element of home in your portraits, it always looks classy and allows more light in your photographs and I am 100 % on this; The very best thing to come home to after a wonderful and long day of celebrating

is a clear, clean and fresh bed to dive into. Although, staying up eating wedding cake in underpants sounds pretty awesome too!

3 things that will no doubt make your portraits look amazing, making you stand out in your images and creating priceless memories. Think of all those fabulous images for your wedding photo album. Happy planning brides! x - Beth Alison

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