I am so lucky! I am so lucky to be planning my wedding at the same time as my fellow #sakurabrides.

An artists rings. Headed to Bunbury for some photography fun with Em, loving her macro lens :D ( Photo by Em crewe xxx)

This will only happen one time round so it's very special to be going through the same motions as my brides, I feel a bond and a tremendous amount of support and advice when I need it, even though I kinda feel like i've bailed on planning and handed it over to Rochelle :P (I funking love you for your help :P) It's so exciting to find out who you've picked to help bring your special day together, what hair and make up, even the theme of the wedding, even right this moment i find myself drifting off thinking about pedicures and manicures while writing my vows over in my head. "I found my Best Friend" is a kind of feeling that beams from your face. Im nervous about having my portraits taken, especially when i seem to think chocolate is life, and my skin hates me for it. I don't think I imagined just how hard it is to get people in the one place for one day. I've pissed of unimaginable amounts of people even when I thought I was choosing the path of least resistance. Accept you cant win all the battles, move on to tasks that you can manage. I kind of want to skip to the glow of "ahhh theres my husband" instead of the repetitive "WTF" I say to myself hundreds of times daily, trying to put our special day together, I mean can't we all just get drunk and merry and look pretty? hahaha Ladies in the trenches! enjoy the small wins today! and one thing at a time. I also hope everyone had a safe and fun easter, I spent the whole time working however I binged on chocolate and took amazing photos and laughed my butt off so weekend well spent :) x

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