Dreaming of demons (literally each one the colour of the rainbow, oh and they were each famous musicians) and then reflecting on it was not exactly how I had planned on spending my morning but it seems to have gained motion considering the anniversary of the passing of a friend. I found myself reflecting on how people carry their burdens and demons in general. what it can do to ones body and interpersonal relationships. I guess its a nice distraction from my working demon, the never ending "editing queue, which in itself is always a blessing but needing to sign off on 4 weddings, 6 albums, 3 galleries, 3 unpublished blog posts and needing to import a shoot still in my camera while my external hard drives are at capacity stacked with recovering from gastro has me feeling like i've been beaten with the worser end of the shit stick. hahaha!! Friday slowly losing its charm knowing that all this is on my shoulders while looking for a house, I manifested so much stress it fucking gave me gastro.

So roughly this is my open letter or proclamation if you will, why you probably haven't received your images or albums yet. I, one person chugging away between having one on one time with my porcelain god, pondering demons can only do so much. I find myself needing to spend more time and energy not getting overwhelmed than I actually do working and any time i try to talk to someone about it i get the routine responses like; "It's not work if you love it!" "Just pay someone to do that!" "don't worry!" "first world problems!"

Thank heavens for irony cause otherwise we would all be morbid zombies instead of the laughing and caring spirits we strive to be. So today I pledge to take things, ONE @ A TIME. to not get overwhelmed and go easy on myself cause if the external forces wont the least I can do is cut myself some slack and if I happen to be found in the corner weeping trying to peel my skin like a satsuma, just cover me in a blanket, throw snacks and turn off the light. hahahah shout out to The Mighty Boosh fans ;)

xx - Beth Alison EDIT *** My Dream! *** I had a message asking about my dream so i have included it more in depth for those curious. I am walking through Forrest Chase in Perth but the layout is slightly different like I had travelled back in time, there were wooden doors and gravel/dirt roads like i was in the ages of horse drawn carriages and saloons. The city was dark, all the doors were closed and it was near on pitch black, and the search for where i parked my car was halted when I realised I was actually dead and I was in what people would describe as limbo or a realm of spirits. I came across a ballroom that would light up and literally come to life at the same time every night that resembled a Saturday night at Connections Nightclub. The musical numbers, the outfits and costumes, the dancing was all a routine for the demons, each a colour of the rainbow, each demon was represented by a famous musician of all types of genres my favourite being Marilyn Manson painted indigo from head to toe. I quickly joined the ritual of the nightly party and married the red demon after my own musical number singing 'Autumn Leaves' to an empty ballroom that literally echoed every word I sang. I always trip out when I actually sing in my dreams, I love it! I have no idea what the dream means but my gosh do I have an imagination, it's no wonder I am an artist ^.^

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