Perth Summer

From 41 degrees to stormy and raining days later.

Feels like Perth weather is having it's monthly "what season is it again?!"

Doesn't bother me I. The slightest though, my favourite thing about summer is an old Belinda Carlisle tribute dancing in rain.

Nothing beats the smell of a summer rain on hot bitchemen.

Perfect day to spend inside however

Started packing away some props and getting organised for the April move, time to say good bye to Bentley.

It's been great but Doug and I are ready to move to somewhere with a backyard and a little extra space instead of feeling like our belongings and bodies are crammed up in a shoebox.

I love this photo, it was a tumultuous time in my life that I paused to snap this photo and reflect upon how to ride it out till the rainbow in a sense.

I had to drop out of my studies, catch 22 in my lifetime, quit the dream to really live THE DREAM.

Now we're here 😊🌸🍃🍂💕

I CANNOT WAIT for January to be over, it also means Rochelle and Dale's wedding is just around the corner and we're so looking forward to catching the rays and have an amazing afternoon/evening snapping away the festivities but most of all celebrate the union of Rochelle and Dale 💕

Happy Tuesday friends!


- Beth Alison

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