So 6 months totally zoomed by and little Kayden has grown into the cutest and happiest baby around. Rebecca brought Kayden back in for his 6 months/sitter session and i'm sure the whole neighbourhood could hear us laughing and cooing over this gorgeous boy who was nothing but full of smiles, I keep telling Rebecca she should put him into modelling because my gosh that face!

The sun was out and shining bright which made these back lit portraits a dream to photograph, but its not hard when the model is in the best mood ever, every time I looked at Kayden a big smile would flash across his face, that totally could have been Rebecca dancing behind me though.

So cool to see these two shots side by side, I can't believe this shirt still fits!... only just :P I have loved this little boy since he was a mere bump, it's totally a bonus Rebecca is my cousin and Kayden being her first baby, there is a whole bunch of us gunning for a girl next. I can't get enough of that cute little dimple, Rebecca is super thankful he inherited the dimples from her, we all wonder if Kayden will grow to be super tall like his daddy Ben. We will just all have to wait another 6 months for his cake smash, both Rebecca and I are super excited for our next photo shoot, two bloody hens clucking away like mad, cake is a total bonus.... mmmm cake. hahaha. With out further ado spy Kayden's super cute gallery,

xx - Beth Alison

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