Holidays are over

I cannot express how glad I am the holiday season is finally over!

It is so overwhelming trying to cram in seeing all our loved ones we wish we saw more of throughout the year in such a short time, that and I am practically the GRINCH reincarnate :p

However the facts are clear, I love my job and I love my life, time to get back in the swing of living my passion!

Doug and I had a wonderful time catching up with family, we finally squeezed in a bike ride on New Years morning along the river.

We weren't alone because so many families had the same idea, taking advantage of the warm weather and the view of Perth 💕🚲

I can't wait to share some photos of my last wedding of 2016, as it was an intimate elopement it was the best kept secret of the year! I'm usually terrible with secrets so I proved myself I could keep a lovely surprise locked down. Doug and I doubled as witnesses and photographers so we feel really special about being at this one.

A blog to follow this week! (Stay tuned)

I can't wait to see what 2017 holds, cause the shoots I have locked in are already going to be so incredible! <3

Weddings, Family Portraits, a cake smash with a twist 🎂🎉 I'm too excited, I better go calm my farm.

Weddings on the blog this week 🌸👰🏻🍾


- Beth Alison

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