Madeline Rose

7 Day old Madeline Rose, The first child for Siobhian and Damo, The coolest most down to earth parents, brought Madeline into the studio just so I could coo over her I'm sure. ^.^

Im a major sucker when it comes to babies, I could swear the minute I go near a baby my uterus screams out MINE!!! haha

Poor little munchkin hated being nude (I think its a winter baby thing) So she had to be comforted a few times with a quick feed, Madeline loves the boob big time, shame she accidentally pee'd on mum in the process but that was really the nappy's fault! :P Once we popped her in the wrap it was Madeline's time to shine! or sleep rather..

The light was perfect and overcast, allowing me to work at those fast shutter speeds so I could catch all her cute yawns and smirks.

Once little Madeline was all settled we snuck in some quick classic shots, Mum and Dad's Wedding Bands Look gorgeous on her tiny little toes! <3

I just had to sneak in my favourite photo from the shoot, as you may all know I'm totally obsessed with a good black and white portrait...

How Darling is this oversized headband?! Siobhian and I couldn't help but giggle over this, she looked like a little hippy and those chubby cheeks, gosh I could just squish em! I had so much fun laughing and smiling at our portrait session, It's so hard when your trying not to wake the baby but can't wait to meet little Madeline again xx - Beth Alison

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