When I hear the word 'Fearless' of course I immediately think of this wonderful person! Rochelle (a 2017 #SAKURABRIDE) is rolling out the red carpet to her business, FEARLESS Mind Body and Soul. Rochelle was all prepared to becoming a marketing whizz but then life had other plans for her and threw her into the world of health and fitness and you can tell when you meet Rochelle, she was always meant to be a personal trainer. With a great attitude towards life and even critical thinking, plus a bubbly personality makes Rochelle a very attractive person to be around. Attracts the good vibes, laughs and smiles. With all the photoshoot fun we get to have together every time makes me more excited for Rochelle and Dale's Wedding in February 2017! Keep an eye out for this gorgeous girl, kicking people's butts into shape! if your looking to get in touch with Rochelle for some personal training, feel free to head to

xx - Beth Alison

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