Melissa and Cameron

Starting the day on the right note! fresh 7kms bike ride (and a great yoga warm down), I swear I started riding my bike in preparation for this day :P Melissa and I have been emailing since new year, like absolute weirdo's pretty much frothing at the mouth over all the details and fun in store for us, Melissa and Cameron say I DO!

(this gif's me life lol>>>)

The day begins at The Crown, the weather is clear skies with a bit of heat. and of course we had to park so far away, as if the whole of Perth were like TFIF let's go to The Crown, hahaha. Jade and myself head straight to the Groom with Cameron's first words pretty much being

"Yep, feeling nervous!" along with the most hilarious moment getting stuck in the elevator and losing the best man/brother Scott in the first 5 minutes of arrival, I think it was obvious it was just jitters about the putting on a suit part, with out realising the guys almost totally aced it.

Father of the Groom, Murray to the rescue helping the guys with their ties and were the coolest cucumbers there ever was. I wonder who fixed the boutonnière to the correct side though ;)

With some serious jams playing through the tv, it was funny that both bride and groom had the same channel on in their room for entertainment that morning. His thoughts were written on his face, Cameron was so ready to get to the alter to lock down his dream girl.

The videographer arrives, so Jade and I head off to see the bride who is having the finishing touches on her make up. Charlotte and Katrina greet us from the elevator in their lovely patterned dressing gowns and the cheekiest faces ever! eeeeee! so excited like a bunch of school girls we clamber into the elevator to race back up to the room. Jade and I don't waste a second arming ourselves with our cameras again getting all the detail shots prepared, dresses, shoes, jewellery are ticked of straight away in a blur of conversation and reminiscing over the hens night with Melissa and the girls, in short I'll say it was wild and so much damn fun. ; )

The Bridal suite was just the most gorgeous thing ever with lots of natural light with a backdrop of the cityscape and the new stadium being built, if it weren't for the heat alone i'm sure we would have made it out onto the balcony. With more laughter and bubbles we photographed the bridal party having a good time in prep mode and it was sweet watching Melissa help her Dad and Brother with their ties and boutonnieres, you can see how much family means in Melissa's eyes alone. Mother of the Bride Sonia helps Melissa into her dress, Sonia is so proud she just humbly smiles to herself, while myself in awe of Melissa's gorgeous dress! I stammered and stuttered on my words and all I could think was "Bride Goals!"

We all grab our equipment, bags, crew and head down stairs to await the cars, Jade and I get a 10 minute head start to the venue racing to the closest service station for some energy drinks, we can feel the day zapping it from us quickly, thank goodness for that spot of yoga this morning...!

The venue is flooded with guests its great to see some familiar faces popping out in the crowd from friends to vendors. Everyone was in the spirit lots of smiling faces, it was not long till there was not one dry eye in the immediate vicinity. That first look shared between the bride and groom, always stops my heart. As soon as Melissa and Cameron locked eyes, they blushed and both gasped.

Cameron bowed his head like relief fell over him, I recall him saying "She made it!" shared with giggles from the guests.

Cameron says his vows first, and he is making everyone laugh, Melissa especially though we all knew she was on the verge of tears, with such heart felt words its hard for the toughest bloke to hold up composure, let alone hearing these words from the love of your life. Melissa begins with; "Cameron, I want to take this moment to tell you why i'm the luckiest girl in the world"

Thats it, tears are flowing in front and behind the camera as Melissa declares her devotion to Cameron with such grace.

Cameron shining with adoration to his bride is overwhelmed himself as he exclaims,"got something in my eye there" Tears of joy were quickly replaced with laughter as rings were exchanged and the pair said I do to forever <3

After signing the documents and making it official, the pair exchanged roses to each others parents as a symbol of love and respect and a welcome to each others families. A lovely touch indeed. <3 Once the family portraits and group shots were all wrapped up Jade and I took the Bridal party on the adventure Cam, Mel and Myself had been dreaming up for the last year.

Down to the Vineyard we headed.

Cam was so caring to the whole bridal party, stopping to make sure the bridesmaids needed assistance walking the terrain in their heels, Mel and Cam had some serious trekking in store for us. The Groomsmen had beers on hand and some energy drinks for the girls. Jade and I were surviving on it ourselves. As we made the decline to our favourite spot of the day at the bottom of the vineyard we all hilariously teetered down on the pea gravel, scariest thing ever and so worth it. We almost all made it down unscathed and right at the last turn i lost my footing and smashed down onto my knee, ripping my pants and leaving a lovely scrape <3 I just laughed it off cause lets admit, those who know me, know I love a good fall ^.^ ahaha It made looking at the photos the next day all the more emotional, I was actually in so much pain at that point but it was the first photo I previewed from the whole day and i just burst into tears. "SO WORTH IT" I sobbed, "we did it we captured the day perfectly" I cried to Doug, who was patiently waiting for me to hurry up so we could leave for a christmas party. I could barely tear myself away!

This wedding was amazing and I felt truly honoured to have been apart of capturing it, working with amazing vendors, I am so happy to have attended Mel's hens night prior to the wedding and got to know a majority of the guests before hand and so I had a good ol' boogie and a sing with Mel and Cam's dearest, and speaking of dancing, how epic is this entrance to the reception!

The moves were made up on the spot just before their entrance! these two are dancing there way in to a beautiful journey together. I could seriously go on and on about how amazing the speeches were ("BLOODY STITCH UP") being the common theme, the MC, the music had everyone dancing all night long and the food was to die for even with the 10 minutes I had to scoff it down :P the fun didn't stop, but you can see it in the photographs. BEST DAY EVER. You can see the full gallery here, I guarantee lots of smiles

These guys are stuck being friends for life now, there presence is too great, plus Mel being my fabulous and favourite Make-up Artists ever, I'm sure you will see more of these two in years to come

xx - Beth Alison

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