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Oh Friends! Am I one lucky girl?! (The answer is YES yes YAAAS!) Once upon a time I worked with a lot of talented musicians at a radio station and it is here I met the wonderful married couple Marnie and Alex Mckee. Two amazing creative people who own and operate "Filtered Sound" at first glance they are Event Dj's covering the locale of Perth-Margaret River for corporate functions through to weddings BUT! They're so much MORE...

They are passionate, creative people with rhythm, style and they ooze finesse! Marnie took me on an adventure at popular Perth Wedding Venue, 'Lamonts Bishop's House' in the heart of Perth City (WA) to help capture; The wonderfully, wild, fantastic, luxurious adventure... Down the Rabbit Hole I went.

The food was spectacular, the wine was even better, some music playing and an absolute field day for artists to come together to create great content for web and marketing for Filtered Sound. It's always a great compliment to see my work on clients websites. Collaborating with other artists is not always an easy task its all; "look at this" "shoot this" "can you do this?" all whilst being an artist and applying your own unique style whilst working towards a briefed concept, but everyones input really made the photo shoot as spectacular as we all hoped :) Here are some great images we all pulled together to snap up.. (Click image for full screen preview)

Special mentions to Holly for helping with styling, Christina, M/U was bomb as! Rikki you are such a talented model and dancer, Marnie's Mascots; Alex, Mum, Aunty and little Tori <3 and a special thanks to Matt for being a wonderful host. I had a wonderful time helping capture the vision and can't wait to see what comes next for Filtered Sound.

xx - Beth Alison (Sneaky Behind the Scenes Snap) Women being Wonderful <3

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