Why photographs are important to me.

Today marks 3 years to the man I called Dad passed away. He was not my biological father but he was my Dad. He was burly, cheeky and funny, even when he was grumpy :) I still remember the sound of his cough in the mornings and the way he would clear his throat, its strange the things you remember when someone passes away. Little traits and sounds or even how their favourite song comes on the radio right when you think of them. Cold Chisel's "Flame Tree" is a frequent favourite. He taught me how to ride my bike! He basically gave me no option when he took my training wheels and two seconds later I wasted out on the road and the whole family laughed their asses off. I wish I had a photo of the bike he built me as teenager. It was chrome. and I put stickers all over it. I rode that thing everywhere for some time. I think of this now that I have started riding my bike daily to help manage keeping all the seams of me together. I wish I had a photo of this has been my biggest regret, a statement I keep saying to myself through my grieving. I internalised all the anger and pain when my parents split up, I lost the value in the photos that I did have and it haunts me everyday. More so because I was able to make peace out of the chaos many years later, it's just a shame a pancreatic cancer pushed that to priority. I am so grateful to have had a chance to say goodbye I just wish I had those photos so I didn't have to miss your face so much :) x Love you Kimbo. xx Do me a favour today, take a photo of your loved ones, print it out and stick it an epic album/scrapbook. you will be so thankful you did. xx (PS I bawled like a little baby writing this...hahah ^.^ )


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