Monday Bloody Monday

I literally said this morning to Doug, I don't think I believe in the Mondays are shit thing, some of the best days of my life have happened to be mondays.. I was up before my alarm today, had to get up and start the day and get back on my bike so I can smash another 6.8kms (working to wedding bod, daily exercise) then get back to race through peak hour traffic to Cottesloe. The whole time I was just thankful I had it on RTR 92.1fm. They played 1991 classic by Massive Attack, Unfinished Sympathy. I literally was having a panic attack 2 seconds before then boom! gone! The TUNE my friends.

An even better part of this moment is when I checked my rear view mirror and all I could see was the shadow of my RTR 92.1fm Sticker in the harsh morning light. too perfect. A nice moment through all the chaos of people running late and bobbing and weaving, can't forget tailgating either, them not me, I think I actually drove 55kms the whole time haha! No more driving in peak traffic Beth. I got some well needed rest over the weekend after last minute cancellations and spent half of it Christmas and food shopping and the rest on my bike trying to see how close Doug and I could get to the river... No wonder my knee hurts today haha. It feels so good to find a healthy obsession, I just wish I didn't crave Ice-cream so much. Happy manifesting today friends, here's some I had a moment to be my creative self photos.. :) <3 Im diving into some MASSIVE XMAS TIME EDITING! The likelihood of me still sitting in my chair editing at 8pm tonight seems accurate as the minutes fly by today and my editing queue number never waivers, I find solace and gratitude that I have work today <3

-Beth Alison


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