What to Wear

I have so many clients ask me "what do I wear to my photoshoot?!!" Here is 3 things to do to make your family look portraits AMAZING!

I myself struggle daily with what to wear, but I work from home so you bet my warm wooly robe is always my first choice! haha I could just send them to Pinterest but it can definitely be overwhelming, especially if you are addicted to Pinterest like I am :P But in all realness my first suggestions are always; COMFORTABLE! If you are comfortable with what you're wearing it will beam out of your face, I could photograph my clients in their pyjamas and they would be so happy thus making their photos look gorgeous :) NEUTRALS, NEUTRALS, NEUTRALS, are always the safe bet, NOT white tops and blue jeans, we really need to phase out that trend. You can be cohesive and have splashes of the same colour between family members but try not to be to MATCHY-MATCHY, it can be really distracting from what you are trying to capture which is essentially how much you love your family, partner or new family member. TEXTURES Don't be afraid to experiment with textures, like warm woolies and large, oversize knitted jumpers, or a gorgeous scarf, these all go really well with your favourite pair of jeans, denim is another great texture that always looks flattering in photos. AVOID both wearing white, or both wearing black, you will look like your moulded together in a very unflattering way. If you must wear black have your partner wear a soft grey to contrast with each other. Think about your location where your having your portraits taken and how your colours can compliment the scenery not blend in so that you pop and stand out in your portraits. Now I know I said Pinterest can be overwhelming but to make it easier, I created a board of Outfits and colours you can browse at your leisure to help you bring your vision of how you want your portrait session to come together.

xx -Beth Alison

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