Jess and Jay Engagement


I met Jess and Jay when they came to see if i was fit for their for wedding coverage. Jay expressed how much he disliked being in photos so they were both looking for relaxed, easy and fun wedding coverage and they got to preview this at their engagement portrait session on Friday.

Jay took Jess, Jade (2nd Shooter) and Myself to the spot where Jay got down on one knee and declared his love and proposed to Jess. Bells rapids, A semi secluded spot, Jay set up a picnic and surprised Jess completely with the proposal. Jess was so blown away she forgot to say yes! haha <3 It was so lovely to go back to their special spot for their portraits

The light was just magical and the sun was hidden behind the clouds on an overcast day in the Swan Valley. With recent rains the river was flowing fast and proud down the bank. A couple not far off were cooking on a portable BBQ, taking in the lovely weather on the bank cooking some delicious smelling chicken! (Gosh I wanted some so bad!) I think we spent most of the time just laughing and talking about sweet nothings, it seemed to put both Jess and Jay extremely at ease because wow these photos just show the LOVE big time and they totally show off the great landscapes Perth has to offer at the same time.

I loved getting to know Jess and Jay a bit better before their special day this Spring and I am pretty proud to have walked away with Jay saying, "Gee that wasn't bad after all" You be the judge ; ]

*update* turns out Jess was totally pregnant here! :O :D* -Beth Alison xx

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