Ivy and Aaron

Months of emailing back and forth and finally at the end of may it came to reality, Ivy and Aaron arrived from Singapore ready to tour Perth with Sakura Photography aka Beth Alison aka ME! ^.^ So many people have asked me, how did you land a client all the way from Singapore?! Simple. Ivy emailed me through my website ^.^ She found me <3

Ivy and Aaron celebrating their first year anniversary were so lucky to have won a trip to Perth with flights and accommodation, staying at The Crowne Promenade. Aaron and Ivy Love to travel and indulge in fine dining and collect coins/currency wherever they go as well a lock of love to leave behind

We travelled to the likes of Fremantle, to see the markets and the Gaol (because it's like a must including Kings Park!) we had an amazing tour guide too, I believe his name was Steve(?) I highly recommend even if you have been before like myself the tour guides are just so wonderful at doing their job.

We stopped by Hyde Park, Cottesloe, Orchards, Kings Park, The City Centre, The Bell Tower, Cohunu Park for koala cuddles, The Crawley Boat Shed, The Swan Valley, Araluen Botanical Gardens and more! When Ivy said she wanted to pack in as much possible she was not kidding! We had our fingers crossed for good weather the whole time unfortunately torrential rain changed some of our plans, but we went with the flow and still had a great time. By the time the tour was all wrapped up, I slept for like 2 days! I learnt so much about shooting on the fly as in working with the ever changing light where ever we went and being ready at a moments notice. Good wedding shoot prep for me for sure! I had all the photos ready to take home with them, so it was the most intense 5 days of my life! All packaged up in our mini albums with USB Compartments. The final prints just looked amazing. I am so happy to have been able to capture what looks like the first of many great anniversaries for these two. Enjoy some of the images below of our time together <3

-Beth Alison xx

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