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What others are saying about their portraits...



“It took three years for my broken leg to heal.
I had to learn to love a body I didn't recognise”​


—  Georgia .

and the photographer's experience?


It's so easy for me to hide behind the camera but I am just as intimidated having my photo taken like someone just might see how little confidence I have about my body.
Being vulnerable is such a brave thing to do, after my portraits I felt fearless.

— Beth Alison, Photographer / Owner of Sakura Photography


I want to celebrate my scars everyday.
I don’t cover them. My eldest daughter asked me one evening what my scars are from. I told her they’re from growing herself and baby sister and are marks of beauty. She now remarks at how beautiful my silvery scars are. I hope I am teaching my daughters by example to embrace their own bodies and be kind to themselves.

— Starr Desire, Photographer @ Sakura Photography

What's included exactly?


When you arrive we put aside the time to talk to you and go through the outfits you have chosen for your portrait session and identify the best way to photograph you, whether it is to emphasize features or reframe features we may feel a little self conscious about. We want you to feel confident and rock your session so you walk away feeling FEARLESS 


Pop the champagne!
Turn up the music!
Be photographed like the beautiful creature you are.

Beth and Starr find the best ways to draw your inner fox out to play.
Nudity is not a requirement for the sessions but is also welcome at the invitation of the client only


We have curated beautiful Products in you gallery store by the wonderful ATKINS, SA
we think they're the best in australia  to handle your print requirements and you will too when you see our studio samples


No more letting your images sit in your inbox or on a usb device, when you hold that fine cotton paper photograph in your hand, nothing can compare to the emotions you feel when you hold a photograph and reminisce on why it was taken in the first place and so worth keeping and gifting.
Your Gallery Store has plenty of choice for all your print product needs but we can always customize anything at the clients request

ready to feel your most empowered self?

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