Frequently Asked Questions


A. Sakura is a Japanese flower, the cherry blossom,
having a lot of symbolic nature such as;

-An Omen of good fortune

-An Emblem of love and affection

-Representing Spring, a new life, a fresh start, the beginning of a new journey.


Cherry Blossoms are an enduring metaphor for the fleeting nature of life.



When do I have to book?

We book our weddings generally one to two years in advance, this does not mean were not prepared for any elopements or mid week weddings ^.^


How much do you charge?

To enquire about our packages head to the Wedding Q's page to fill out our quick and easy questionnaire and we endeavour to have a quote to with in 2 days, keep in mind you may need to check your junk mail folder.

How do you keep organised?

We have invested in amazing software called Shoot Flow, this keeps all your wedding details, vendor information, generates our timeline and reminds us to stay in contact with you in the lead up to your special day.
No details missed and happy brides and grooms <3 

To see wedding images click here



How long is a newborn shoot?

2-4 hours depending on the mood of your baby whether you need lots of feeds in between shots, or simply settling baby.

What do I bring?

A couple bottles if not breast feeding, Extra Nappies, Extra Wipes, Your favourite or symbolic baby blanket, pacifier/dummy, You may have a bear or plush toy too bring that along a swell :) 

When is the best time to book?

Best time is all relative to what kind of poses you want to photograph, if you want styled newborn portraits before 10 days old while they are super sleepy.
If strictly photographed in lifestyle and action based eg, holding baby, talking/wrapping/rocking any time you feel comfortable



Can I bring my dog?

Of course you can, Doug and I love fur babies and love any chance to captures the WHOLE family, but it is handy to have some one handle them whilst having other portraits taken, we like to focus on a range of shots in each collection

Do you do Pet Portraits?

We are in the process of adding pet bookings to our book online page, keep your eyes peeled ; ]



Do you have props?

I do! if you are after a specific look for your photoshoot feel free to get in touch or even bring along your own props and costumes, i love a good story behind my images :)



How much is a session fee?

f you head to the Book Online page, you can find all our rates, book and pay all in one convenient place looking for something specific? feel free to get in touch

Images sold seperately?! How much?

For Digital Downloadable Images files, you can expect to pay $5 per image for low resolution and $10 for full resolution images in JPEG format.
With our galleries you can download your images watermark free to any device immediately upon purchase with your images shooting straight to your inbox


what to wear

What do I wear to the shoot?

We get asked quite often for guidance on picking an outfit, you can find our handy tips in our What-To-Wear blog

3 quick tips?

Comfortable! No Prints! Neutral Tones!



How long to get my digital images?

All digital images purchased are an instant download (watermark free) once they hit your email inbox.



What if I don't want my images shared?

We can completely customise protection for your gallery with; Pins, Passwords and Access Codes. All logins to your gallery are done so by using your own email address, so we can see who is looking at our gallery, so we can assure privacy when it is required or requested. Just be sure to let us know when you book in.



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