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Lifestyle Photographer, Wife and Mother of two under two.
Overly obsessed with eyebrows and curtains.

I can hold an entire conversation on movie quotes and lines or flip the coin I can talk about our lord and saviour The Wiggles!!

When we’re all at the edge of something defining, transforming and growing it can be all encompassing and exciting with a touch of anxiety!

This is how i‘m feeling about going on maternity leave as of NOV 30th I have so much on the horizon for Sakura Photography so it’s hard to put tools down however adding a new family member to our little troup is exciting.

The upside though is between caring for a newborn and toddler and hopefully saying goodbye to Hyperemesis Gravidarum forever I will be able to take advantage of leaning into the blog to cure boredom in those 2am night feedings. I have so much blogging to catch up on after all ive had some amazing weddings this year as well as moving house and reconfiguring a new studio. (Just need to replace the floors and add the storage) 😁

We found a wonderful new vendor for all our print products and could not be happier with the quality.

As I reflect on the year coming to a close I am excited and filled with anticipation for what 2020 holds for us.

Love The Waddell’s xx

(aka Sakura Photography WA)

In between the daycare run and home I found some time with the camera just a quick roadside stop. After being on bedrest for months (brewing the second baby) I had some serious cabin fever. Fog and Rain were just the recipe the cure it, with my camera of course!

I hope everyone has a safe weekend xx -Beth Alison

Charlie's Birthday approaches and I'm reflecting on the transformation the last year has been for my little family. I think about the things I want to teach my daughter, in the last week alone its been gardening and using tools and how to clean windows.. I think about the person I was and what parts are left in a distant memory now. I am pretty sure I scrolled through an article somewhere about "I don't want to teach my daughter she can have it all" and I think it is so true. I have had to bend, stretch, change, reach and re-identify who the heck I am now that a mother is in the list of responsibilities. Having the career but also being a hands on Mum and managing a household, I just 1 person can't do all the things and be in more than 1 place at a time, and that's ok. That's just how it is now, re-adjusting my expectations of what I thought I was meant to be instead of who I now am.

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